If failure’s
not an option,
don’t make it
a possibility.
We all suck
at clarity
and so does
everyone else.

Lack of
breeds drama.
80% of failure for orgs and teams stems from a lack of clarity.
The Clarity Project™ is equal parts consulting, mindset shift, tech tools, and facilitation services hell bent on helping organizations and teams beat failure by self-generating maximum clarity around their initiatives.
01  //  What we do
What is The Clarity Project
The Clarity Project™ is equal parts consulting, mindset shift, tech tools, and facilitation services hell bent on helping organizations and teams beat failure by self-generating maximum clarity around their initiatives.  

The Clarity Project’s platform of facilitated workshops and digital tools were imagined by Butchershop, one of the most sought after, award winning creative brand and business consultancies in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and now Europe. Butchershop has spent over a decade helping companies launch, grow, evolve, and create new innovations, strategies, services, and products through a design-led focus and discipline.
Join the Clarity Project and beat failure™
Regardless of your industry or vertical, investment lifecycle, project or initiative, lack of clarity is the biggest reason why important endeavors can fail. The Clarity Project is a potent platform to help prevent failure from happening.

Join The Clarity Project and beat failure.
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02  //  Our Process
Clarity as company cultural practice is the most important thing your team
can adopt.
Our offering is simple, but runs deep. The Clarity Project’s workshops and tech tools were engineered to help teams and organizations recontextualize failure by turning it into a strategic advantage. Generate better inputs, faster. Assess and prioritize risk, using data. Assign and delegate tasks, with accountability. Make obstacles and challenges your greatest opportunities, with clarity.
03  //  Who is this for
Made for teams and companies setting out to tackle initiatives.
Whether starting a new project or campaign, responding to a market shift, building a product, expanding to new global markets, or just managing change, every initiative requires clarity. Through our platform, you gain a new matrix of insights and decision-making that transform risks into priorities, strategies, next steps, accountability and actions for your team. It all moves at hyperspeed and is shockingly simple.
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Fall 2016 - Creative Mornings with HyperIsland workshop to uncover creative ways of thinking. Butchershop, San Francisco
Fall 2018 - Product Design Workshop with Butchershop and Haufe teams from Germany and Switzerland for PeopleOS platform in San Francisco.
Winter 2019 - Trevor Hubbard, CEO, Butchershop US and Europe gives keynote presentation on Clarity to a European cohort for Leadership Garage in San Francisco, CA
Spring 2019 - A 5-Day Creative Workshop with Factry, Montreal and Butchershop, San Francisco for emerging creative talent from WGI Talent Network
Summer 2018 - Kelly Max, Co-Founder of The Clarity Project, gives opening keynote for Haufe CoCreation Summit with Nike at Nike Global HQ, Beaverton, Oregon to 150 people.
Fall 2018 - Trevor Hubbard, CEO, Butchershop US and Europe, Co-Founder of The Clarity Project, helps teams from all over the globe get clarity on product design for next generation Career Site Experiences CoCreation Summit. Amsterdam, Netherlands
04  //  Our Offer
Four things we offer to help beat failure anytime, anywhere.
Through collective inputs, our platform of solutions yield maximum clarity and instant strategic advantage—giving you and your organization the impact of proper inputs, alignment, next steps, and individual accountability without the instability of disruption.
Facilitation  ⁰¹
In-person or virtual sessions to lead your group through our version of a pre mortem process. We use our Priio App™ in the process and allow everyone to use it regularly in the future. (Approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on group size)
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Consulting  ⁰²
Education  ⁰³
Conversation  ⁰⁴
05  //  Join
Clarity is just around the corner.
It’s not hard or complicated to find—it just takes an innovator with a hunger for clarity, like you. There are a few paths you can take to start your clarity journey, but your needs and goals will determine the best route. So let’s talk and find out how clarity can become part of your culture.
Teams, organizations, and brands across the globe have flipped the fearless switch and worked with us to bring clarity into their worlds.
Communities inspired by clarity have raised their hand to change their mindset, and we answered.
Join the Clarity Project
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